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Mt. Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church in Decatur, GA was established in 1870 under the leadership of the Rev. Granison Daniel.  At that time, the church was located on or near Lawrenceville Highway. Its name was Rocky Knoll A.M.E. Church. Mt. Zion’s first building was an old box car. The present land site was given to the church by Judson Stokes, Sr. The old boxcar building was improved for several years until Mt. Zion’s original building was constructed.

Several pastors have served the Mt. Zion congregation since its inception ncluding Rev. Merclain, Rev. Alexander (under whom the original church building was erected), Rev. Bellows, Rev. Gholston, Rev. Fleming, Rev. Smith, Rev. T. B. Bell, Rev. Crawford, Rev. Strickland, Rev. Clark, Rev. Wilson, Rev. Atwaters, Rev. Richardson, Rev. J. A. Means, Rev. Lawrence, Rev. Henderson, Rev. J. A. Lynn, Rev. Muckles, Rev. Shropshire, Rev. Dallas Young (a Local Elder who actually served as Interim Pastor and who was also father of the late Ansley Young, Sr.), Rev. Wilshire, Rev. Jackson, Rev. Wadley, Rev. Lewis, Rev. Ranger, Rev. Hill, Rev. Gaither, Rev. Jacob, Rev. Grant, Rev. Lowe, Rev. E. G. Clement, Rev. Jones, Rev. Lawrence Williams, Rev. W. A. Williams, Rev. W. L. Few, Rev. J. W. Sanford, Rev. E. F. Robinson, Reverend Dr. McClellon D. Cox (under whose leadership the current building was erected), Reverend David F. Richards, III, Rev. Lemora B. Dobbs, the 40th and first female Pastor in Mt. Zion’s history, and Rev. Sharon M. Adair-Harden.

Several current preachers of the gospel, Pastors, and others who either serve currently or have served in church leadership positions either received their calls while members of Mt. Zion or have been affiliated with and/or influenced by the Mt. Zion congregation during the course of their spiritual formation and/or ministry development. These persons include but are not limited to Rev. D. L. Wells, Rev. James E. Jackson, Rev. George LaSure, Sis. Adrienne “Polly” Nelms (later Hickman who currently serves as Mt. Zion’s Minister of Music), Rev. Edward Coley, Rev. Acey Rowe, Jr., Rev. Ernest Davis, Rev. Edsel Robinson, Rev. Ferrun Johnson, Rev. Comfort E. Ellis, Rev. Anderson Sanders, Rev. Dawn Price, Rev. Dr. Carmen Avery-Walker, Rev. Tricia McClendon, Rev. Cheryl P. Wilcox, Rev. Dr. Michelle Ledder, Rev. Norma Tyson, Rev. Karla Vogel, Rev. Aaron M. Treadwell, Rev. MarQuia Ray, Rev. Keri Crump, Rev. Robyn Green O’Neal, Rev. Amina Thomas, and Elder Jessica James Alston.

Throughout the exhaustive history of Mt. Zion, there have been many officers, former pastors, and ministerial staff not been mentioned here as well as many members and friends who have played important roles in the church and have contributed with their time, talents, and gifts. To all who are still with us and to those who have passed from labor to reward, we say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you” for all you have done.

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